Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fade into the Sun


Thunder played Newcastle for the final time last night, and like the trooper I am, I was there. The gig was fantastic - the Quireboys were supporting - which rounded things off for me, as the first time I saw the band was at the Monsters of Rock in 1990, where they opened, and were followed on stage by the Quireboys. I can't recite the set list, as the whole evening seemed to pass in a blur, but from the opening signal of "Backstreet Symphony" to the closing screams of "Dirty Love", the boys were on top form. As were The Quireboys - I love those guys as well, and they know how to get a party going!

We had a small pyro incident - Danny's monitor caught alight, but he was saved by a brave roadie with a towel - bless that man. I'll add the set list later on, but I'm pleased to say I made it through to "Love Walked In" before I started bubbling - it suddenly hit me that this is it - the last time you're going to hear this live - and off I went. It didn't help that "A Better Man" was the first song of the encore, either!

Once I'd dried my eyes, I was lucky enough to have passes for the meet and greet. Jon, as ever, was on hand with the camera, making sure if I blinked, or looked a bit drunk, he caught me. I'm not showing the picture he took of me and Harry - I look as if I'm about to collapse and start singing - but he did get this one of Harry looking as though he's about to attack...


Danny was just himself - chatty and fun, and seemed genuinely happy that I'd enjoyed the show.


Ben - just a sweetheart - love him to bits.


Chris - so sweet - when I started to bubble, he gave me a big cuddle and calmed me down. Lovely, lovely man - and yes I will be going to see the Illegal Eagles.


And Luke - the songwriter, axeman, and sweetheart. I could run away with this man.


Now, Jon also managed to get a photo of Luke with Spike from the Quireboys - I love this photo - it seems to capture the pair of them.


And you saw my TShirt? This is an antique - 19 years old, and was the 1990 Donington TShirt. Thunder are at the bottom, and the Quireboys up a little to the right. Spike caught sight of it, and insisted we get the next photo - what a star that man is... Come to think of it, maybe I should have just taken them both home!