Monday, 26 April 2010

Spinning Around

I've been indulging and spinning these past few weeks...
The Delightful David of Southern Cross Fibres got so enthusiastic about some Targhee over at Spunky Eclectic, that I went and bought some, not knowing what on earth it was. Now I love Amy's fibres, and David supplies my fibrelust on a monthly basis, so combine the enthusiasm of one with the skills of the other, and it's a pretty safe blind buy - I bought two lots of 4oz - one in Abyss, and one in Tempest, and was over the moon when they arrived. Targhee descended from sheep including Corriedale, and the fibre was soft and squooshy.
I try to take part in the Woolly Wormhead monthly KAL, and this month's was Aeonium, from her new Twisted Woolly Toppers book. It called for aran/worsted weight, so I set to with my Abyss Targhee, and my beloved Darry the Mazurka, and produced the skein on the left there.

I cast on, and shortly had myself an Aeonium, which I am really pleased with. This is the first time I have ever spun anything for a project - I normally spin and allow the fibre to become the yarn it wants to be. Of course, since I finished it, the weather's been beautiful - so no chance to wear it!
Aeonium was a great pattern to knit - much more straightforward than it looks, especially if you can get the hang of cabling without a cable needle. And Targhee is a delight to spin. It drafted like a dream, making it very easy to keep a consistent single. The striping was a complete happy accident - that's just how it came out - and I am really pleased with the results!

After that, I went to my first proper Guild meeting at Tynedale Guild in Stocksfield. While there, I began to spin up some Australian Extra Fine Merino in Molten, the March installment of David's Southern Cross Fibre Club. I'm not normally a "yellows" person, but this has jumped out at me, and ended up as 240 yards of roughly DK weight when spun up as a 3 ply.
I'll be going back to Guild regularly - a full day to sit and spin with other fibery people. Very welcoming, and this month coming is the Spinners' Gathering, so there will be Shopping as well!

Finally, I leave you with my latest WIP - another Southern Cross Fibre - this one is Polwarth/Bamboo Viscose in the colour Border Crossing. This is my first bobbin of singles, and the second is on its way. Just one more little wisp of fluff to go now. This is beautifully soft, with a shimmering sheen that my lack of photography skills didn't quite capture. But I love it, and will take more photos once it's plyed.
This week, I have bought some laceweight, and will be starting the GoddessKnits Anniversary Mystery KAL. This is a "choose your own adventure" shawl - so Renee publishes 4 charts each week, from which you choose one to knit. Choices... choices... there's a potential for 256 combinations by the time the last clue is published, so I may be a little time with this one...