Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeable and DPNs are now on pre-order at GetKnitted. I've been waiting and waiting for these, and have pre-ordered some...

Lucky, lucky me!

Although I wasn't thinking that until just now... This weekend, the kitchen tap jammed. Solid. All the wrenches, hammers and WD40 in the world wouldn't do. So Jon looked under the sink, and was a bit wobbly about well maybe he could, but then again... We had no hot water to the kitchen sink - this was not a disaster, there was hot water in the bathroom, we have a kettle - but then he took the cold tap apart, to see how it all went together, and then that started to dribble... And so we managed to fiddle on, and got back to just being the hot tap broken. So the plumber's been today and put two new taps on. Uck.

And then the car. I'm a proper girl when it comes to the car. I just drive it, and put petrol in when it needs it, and, um, that's about it. And it wouldn't start. Lights on, nothing turning. I think it's the starter motor, but I'm not sure. So my lovely man from CB Motors in Cramlington, who has kept that car going against the odds, and is fab, and doesn't overcharge me has been round this morning and took it away to try to fix. So I'm on the bus to work this week, which is icky. Crowded, smelly, noisy and slow. But only £10 for a week's travel... However, I need to be somewhere tonight where I could have been in an hour from work in the car. But can't, as it involves at least 2 buses, and they don't go from the same area of town - so there's a 10 minute walk in the middle. So to heck with it - I've taken a half day, which is why I'm here blogging, not working.

So how is all this lucky? Well - it's not been too much hardship - I've got working taps, the car will be sorted (this man works miracles), and the buses aren't too bad if I organise myself (I'm missing knitting group tomorrow, as there's no way I can get there without a car, as there are precious few buses after tea time, and I'd rather not wait at a stop on an industrial estate, in the dark - but I can cope with that). The wonderful, glorious, unbelievable thing that has happened is that I have arrived home to two, 6th row tickets to see Thunder in a couple of weeks! Yay! For some reason I didn't hear about the tour (boo) and by the time I did, the only tickets were right up at the top of the back balcony, where I'd have trouble seeing. So, desperate, I entered a competition on Planet Rock, and I must have won! I've seen Thunder many times over the years, and they always, always, put on a good show, bless them.

And I have finished Clapotis - just in time for the cold snap! And also my second felt ruffle bag for Christmas. Royal Snail is still holding onto all my parcels, though...

Friday, 9 November 2007

Tree News

I have good news on the trees! We contacted the head of arboreal services, and he has surveyed the area himself, and the trees are going to stay! Thank you to all who commented - we did feel a little alone at some points. I've also got a summary in writing which we can wave at anyone else who feels that they can just chop things down. He is going to do some pruning, which I can live with, and he will remove one stump, which again - I loved the tree, but the stump just reminds me of what was once flourishing there. It just goes to show that persistence, and pushing the right buttons (I went through the Tree Policy with a fine toothed comb, and raised a few points where reality differed from the published policy), things can get sorted out right in the end.
So we'll still have the birds around next summer, and when the insects come to the trees, the bats will come back, too. And I won't have to look at The Conservatory.
Clapotis is coming along nicely - there will be photos soon. I can recommend 100%Wool on Ebay - it is from Uruguay, but it arrived really quickly, (almost with more stamps than there was room on the envelope), and is beautifully soft, and knits up with good stitch definition. It is very clingy, which normally, if I were to drop a stitch, I'd love, but as Clapotis requires stitch dropping and unravelling to make ladders, it can be a little bit of a pain (the Long Nails help at this point, to wiggle the bars free). But I am very happy with it.
The Royal Snail is still letting me down - I've been waiting ages (more than 2 weeks) for some parcels now, so whatever they say, beware. It seems to be items I'm ordering from the North East for delivery in Newcastle, so it could be a double whammy if they're really backed up, but it's starting to really annoy me now (turns green and starts growing).
Been quiet this week, as we went to see the opening night of David Gray's tour on Tuesday, and I can't do late nights any more... He was brilliant, and I would recommend him to anyone who sort of likes him - he has a wonderful voice, and it's even better live than on record.
And finally - I'm thinking of anyone at sea level on our East Coast tonight - I do hope you don't get the sea in your homes - it happened to us 30 years ago (almost exactly - 11th November 1977) when we lived on the sea front at Fleetwood, and had a good slug of the Irish Sea come over and into the house. I was still at Infants School, so don't remember too much, except for being woken up in the middle of the night, and evacuated to Poulton le Fylde. It's not much fun - and I'm thinking especially of those of you who've already suffered the floods this year. I'm crossing my fingers for you, and hoping the surges pass you by.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Better Karma...

Well - Honeybee is hibernating. I have finished my Bonfire Night Scarf which was knitted in 2 skeins of Noro Blossom to this pattern. I'm really pleased with it.

I also started my Clapotis in 100%PureWool's Merino Worsted. Lovely to knit with, and available on Ebay, at very good prices, even when you add on the postage. I've just dropped my first stitch, which was one of those naughty feelings - I looked over my shoulder before I did it, and made sure no-one saw. But I can mention stitch-dropping here - you know I'm meant to. But I left it at work tonight - oops.

And I get itchitis. Where I sometimes need to knit. And I'm trying to limit the number of projects OTN at the moment. Mr Greenjeans is still awaiting a circular needle, which is ordered, but somewhere within the chaos that is the Royal Mail at the moment (I've been waiting for one parcel for 2 weeks now - I can get sniffy if I want to). So I had to start a new project. Only thing for it. I do have a Christmas present to knit, and the wool for it came yesterday (see - Dee from Posh Yarn knows how to charm the postmen into delivering her Pink Parcels of Joy quickly - all us addicts would beseige the sorting offices if not!). It's a pattern in Interweave Knits Holiday 2007 (if Jon isn't looking, click here), and I will be knitting it in Victoria - a Cashmere/Silk blend, which is beautiful. It's another yarn to sniff and stroke. But - guess where my IK Holiday 2007 is? Yes - in the post. So no guilt-free-gotta-knit-it-by-Christmas to assuage me.

Oh heck - I've had to start a handbag, for me, in Twilley's Freedom Spirit, from Freedom Spirit 455. Shame - but it had to be done.

And, get well soon, Meatloaf - I went to see him at the Arena last night, and he's not well. He stopped the show as it was coming up to the climax, and declared it his last ever show. I sincerely hope not - I just hope he can get himself well.