Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Falkland Chunky!

OH has dyed up some Falkland Chunky in his shop in 300g hanks that are perfect for the Monkey Puzzle Scarf.
I used 300g for the test knit, but had it in 100g hanks, which meant I had ends to join in and weave in as I went  - not my favourite pastime!
This yarn is so soft and squooshy, and would knit the Monkey Puzzle all in one, and you'll know that the colour will be true through the scarf (although OH dyes skeins together, there's normally some variation due to how he dyes semisolids and variegated yarns).  I've swiped a Scarlet Ibis, as I really fancy a soft, warm chunky scarf in a bright red to keep me warm this winter!