Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Even longer with no blog - although I have a range of very good excuses - two weeks ago, my trusty 13 month old laptop lost power. Yes - 13 months old, as with everything that decides to go wrong, it does it the month after the manufacturer's guarantee ran out. From calling the "helpline" it looks like I may be without it for a little while. Despite the fact it needs either a new power lead, AC adaptor or motherboard, and it has complete cover, arranged with a company who tell me they're the biggest computer reseller in the UK. All I can say is last time we needed a motherboard replacing at work, it took 1 call, which was followed a day later by a lovely engineer, who had it sorted in an hour.

Apparently they're busy. Once it's returned to me in good condition, I may mention the name of the company.

I'm using my very very old computer at the moment, which is extremely slow, and therefore frustrating to do any more than read emails on. Let alone do anything with pictures. So I'm sorry.

I've also been a-visiting, to my relatives in Darkest Cheshire for a birthday party involving a barbecue, copious alcohol, fire, rain and thankfully no pictures!

And next week, off for some training in Rouen, France. I can't wait - I've been looking up yarn shops, and there are definitely two, so I shall try to fit in a little shopping. I just hate flying (OK - I'm scared), and it's an hour and a half from Newcastle to Paris, and my needles must be in my hold baggage. Looks like I'll be losing my nails, then!

So that's all for now - more blog, and definitely pictures, when my laptop returns home.

Love Claire x

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Long time, no blog

Deary, deary me... Please forgive me, it's been - oooh - ages since I last wrote anything. I made a vow to myself that I would do this regulary, but things happen, I start wondering what to write, get myself as knotty as my yarn on a bad day, and decide not to bother.
Thank you Carrie Anne - I did bung the Felted Ruffle Bag in the washer, and it's turned out great - so I'll be making a couple for Christmas boxes as well. As long as I remember, seeing as it's May, and I tend to get good ideas for Christmas, then forget all about them before the end of the summer.
I abandoned the Ripple Scarf, as when I'd done a few repeats, it didn't really look me. I wonder if anyone can guess what I'm planning with the yarn? Could it be snuggly socks?
I'm currently knitting the border of Fiber Trends' Field of Flowers shawl in Posh Yarns Eva in Just Peachy. I'm loving the knit, the lacy patterns seem very rhythmic, and the yarn is like knitting with the smoothest softest thing imaginable. It's a shame it's knitting up so quickly - I can see me wanting to do more - perhaps this will be my new addiction.
I will post some pictures soon I promise - I'm a bit scatty like that...

Friday, 4 May 2007

Of Flowers and Peaches...

I finished the Monkey socks this week, and love them to bits. I'll post some photos, but aside from a slight panic when the ball seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, yet the foot was stubbornly not growing at all, they went really well, and once I got into the rhythm of the pattern, I was knitting them everywhere (except when driving, although with the drive to/from work taking about an hour each way to cover 10 miles, I have plenty of time when the car is stopped... No Claire NO!

I also fell in love with Carrie Anne's Felted Ruffle Bag - it took me two evenings (I'm a slow knitter), but I now have a baggy bag, and am in a dither about the felting. I've never done it before, and don't want to ruin it! I may get the courage up to open the washing machine door this weekend, however I may use the excuse of too much real laundry to do...

So onto my most ambitious project yet - Fiber Trends' Field of Flowers Shawl in Eva 2 ply in Just Peachy from Posh Yarn - the yarn is beautiful to hold (I spent 10 minutes stroking it before I began to wind my first skein), and Piglottie is right - whatever Dee does, it smells delicious. I'm one pattern repeat of the central garter lace in, and so far so good. I want to tackle it in chunks, as if I think about the whole project, it will go to the back of the cupboard, and letting that yarn lie unused in the dark would be a sin! Of course, I may end up ripping it back, and thinking about something else less ambitious to do, but I hope not. I think I may punctuate it with a couple of pairs of socks - I have a hank of Fyberspates in Heather Mist, and some more Posh Yarn for socks, however I'm trying to resist the urge just now!

Take care,

Love Claire x