Monday, 13 October 2008

Just a Quickie!

I need some decent light! I have a nearly finished Forest Canopy in Noro Sock Yarn, a chunky scarf in Colinette Point 5 (knit in one evening!), a swatch of cables lace and general playing in a new yarn from Linzi, the Alpaca Spinner, which I am so going to stalk her for, a little progress on the Estonian Lace Christening Shawl, and 4 lovely skeins of my very own handspun to show off - but when the light's been good, I've been elsewhere, and when I've been here, the light's been non-existent! Ah well - it will come.
In other news, it was a mad week last week... Monday off, Tuesday normal, Wednesday and Friday covering earlies (yawn) and the MRI Scan on Thursday. It's not an experience I want to repeat in a hurry. There was no pain involved, I was seen on time, the scanning team were brilliant - as well as being very capable and experts in their field, they radiated a reassuring confidence - but I did not feel good. It was being out of control in a confined space that did it for me. I was strapped in, with a shield over my torso, and while I had hold of a buzzer, I was in a tube where it felt like the roof was an inch or two above my nose. If (and yes, I know this is a Big If), anything went Really Wrong, and the buzzer didn't work, I was incapable of escape. There was no way I could have wriggled out. But nothing went wrong, I'm here, I'm fine, and now I need to wait for the Registrar at the hospital to interpret the results (I've been told 6 weeks, however when I was told 2-4 weeks, it took 7 and a lot of pressure from me to get them, so I'm not holding my breath).
That's it for now. More if we ever see daylight again while I'm in reach of a camera and my little doings!

Monday, 6 October 2008


Well... More tomorrow I said... Oh well. Our computer decided to die on us last week, so unfortunately I've taken a little hiatus from being online. We now have a new computer, and I am getting to grips with it (I love it, actually - it's lovely and fast compared with the old one, and the colours on the screen are a lot better) but that means that I have no photos to share.
I have been spinning - I received my Yarn Yard fibre on Friday, and have spun up about a third of it - and it is beautiful. The Shetland seems to have spun itself on my Golding Tsunami, and it is the most even yarn I have spun. Completely yummy. I love being in the Fibre Club - for a start, I love surprises, and the anticipation once Natalie says she has posted is great. Then when it arrives, I read the letter, and try to guess what the fibre will be like. Then I open the pack - and it's even better! As a beginner, it's giving me the chance to try different fibres and find out what happens with fibre dyed in different ways. I have just finished plying the first of this month's (when it arrived on Friday, it was so lovely that the pack of fibre and my Golding went straight into my handbag and came with me), and I love what I have spun. I need to skein it, but I think it's about a fingering weight, so I'm thinking a delicate scarf...
We've been away this weekend - Jon's dad turned 60 on Friday, so we drove down to Cannock on Friday (it took us 3 hours to do the first 40 miles, thanks to an accident on the A1, but we got there eventually). When we got there, it was great - we'd got his dad a digital photo frame, and Jon had scanned a load of slides from when he and his sister were little - his dad was very touched with it all. Saturday night was his party - which was great. I have now found I am skilled in the art of balloon arch making! Everyone had a great time, and we tootled back up the road yesterday afternoon. 6 hours 30 minutes to get there, 4 hours to get back (and that included a big stop for a cup of coffee, so that was good going). Today, I have been plying my yarn (amazing how much I managed to spin, given how busy we were), am catching up on the 'puter, and then I will be settling down with the last episode of Tess, which I recorded last night (I watched the Harry Potter film, which was just what we needed) and my Estonian Lace Christening Shawl while Jon's out at college.
Back to work tomorrow, and hopefully some photos (maybe).
ETA - I am now booked in for my MRI Scan - this Thursday at 9am - so credit to Alliance Medical who operate this for the Trust - at least someone round here seems able to shift their stumps and sort things out. The good news is, I may know what on earth's going on in a couple of weeks.