Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Being Fearless

So. I have signed up to Knitting Daily's Fearless Knitters, as I am guilty of sitting in my comfort zone. Too many projects have passed me by because "I could never..." 2008 is going to be a year where that is banned. I can be fearless. I can! I hate heights, yet have abseiled down both the Dental Hospital in Newcastle (100 feet) in the snow - including ending up hanging upside down on the end of a rope because I was listening intently to what the very nice gentleman at the top was telling me, and he hadn't said anything about moving my feet - with a medial ligament injury to boot, and also the Baltic Art Gallery in Gateshead (150 feet). On the Baltic, it actually didn't feel as scary - there was scaffolding up on the edge, so I climbed on that, then I could hold onto that, and feel the rope take my weight before I went scooting down (and scoot I did - Jon has the video evidence that what goes up, does come down - fast!). The Dental Hospital was a leap of faith - stand on the edge, and lean back, and go. The funniest bit of the video evidence is when Jon doesn't realise our camera does sound - on the Baltic, there is "Don't die on me" which is sweet, until you realise the batteries were low, and, more like him, over the Dental Hospital is something about needing a wide angle lens as I drop into view, bottom first.

But, you see, I am avoiding the topic. So. How am I going to be fearless?
  • I will "do" a sock with Magic Loop. Never tried it before, and been avoiding it, just in case I can't.
  • I will knit something ambitious from A Gathering of Lace, which so far, has been a "look book".
  • I will design and knit a pair of socks - and show the results on this blog.

I have just received the right yarn for this as well - 2 skeins of delightful "Fearless Fibers" sock yarn, one each of Lust and Imagine. Anne Hanson often mentions it, and wow - it's worth waiting all of one week for it to arrive from the USA (a WEEK - it can take longer for stuff to be posted from the next town - does Deb use a tardis for a post office?). And I also have some lovely sock yarn in "Wicked Vampirella" from Gemini Knits, and also some Blackcurrant Lacweight - again from Gemini Knits. The lovely Piglottie enabled me here - she has mentioned Gemini Knits before, and I went to look - and I KNOW you look with your eyes, but I ended up looking with my credit card... Both Gemini Knits and Fearless Fibers are on Etsy, which I love.

So - hold me to my fearless pledge - or make me take the button off my blog!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

FO Eye Candy

You know I've been a busy little bee lately - well I finally got a Round Tuit (feel free to groan - this is a reference to many holidays in the Lake District...) and got busy with the camera...

First, we have Jaywalkers:
Yarn - Posh Yarn Lucia 4 Ply/Sock
Colour - Garden Party
Needles - 2.75mm DPNs
And a quick edit - I have "fluffy" ankles (12" when measured around from the point of my heel in a diagonal) - I knit up the "large" size Jaywalkers, with a cast on of 84 stitches, and they fit me perfectly.

Next, we have Nutkin:
Yarn - Posh Yarn Laura 4 Ply / Sock
Colour - Gypsy
Needles - 2.75mm DPNs

Then, we have a Bonfire Night Scarf in Noro Blossom...
Bonfire Scarf 1

And in more Noro loveliness, a Felted Ruffle Bag in Kureyon:

Clapotis in 100%Wool's Merino Worsted:

And Jared Flood's Koolhaas in Posh Yarn Victoria Aran, colourway Cavern (yes - I finished it, in secret, for Christmas for Jon!)

Finally for now, a WIP - the wonderful Jon bought me Victorian Lace Today for Christmas - what a beautiful book that is. And I couldn't resist. I have my Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeables, I have a ball of Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace, and I have a photo of the Spider's Web Shawl (Half Hexagon) in progress:
Spiderweb 1

It looks a little scruffy at the moment, however it will block beautifully.

I had a lovely Christmas - I spent the week before running round frantically, before heading down to my Uncle's in Cheshire for a family get together the Sunday before. We headed back on Christmas Eve, and I got my Mince Pies baked and Carols from Kings watched.

Christmas Day was quiet - we spend most of the day together, just the two of us, opening presents, cooking and eating a mountainous Christmas Dinner, and listening to Christmas music. Jon excelled himself with knitting related goodies for me - VLT, Interweave Scarf Style, and a teddy and a Shaun the Sheep kit. Plus lots of little surprises. All good. No stinkers (there never have been, in nearly 15 years). We went to my Dad's in the evening, for a warm cuppa and a natter, then relaxed for a couple of days.

Saturday 29th was Jon's Mum's birthday, so we headed down to the West Midlands for a tour of his family, which lasted through until 2nd January, when we headed back up via Salford, so I could visit the family grave on my Mum's anniversary.

In short, I've done everything I wanted to. We've relaxed, and had a warm family time, which is what I wanted from Christmas this year. Last year was shocked, upsetting, confusing and most of all, busy, with me never being in the right place at the right time - my Mum was seriously ill in Atlanta, so I flew out there at the last minute, booking and changing flights like a professional Travel Agent, then flying back into Paris, on the last leg, I found out Jon's mum had been taken into hospital. All the plans we had were swapping and changing, and neither of us know if we were coming or going. It got sadder, however, we're through it now, and have been able to celebrate and commemerate this year, and spend some time with Jon's mum as well (although she was home by the time we got to Walsall, she wasn't well, and so we didn't want to add to her woes by staying over).

I shed a tear this New Years - mainly because this year has to be a better bet, and I was wrapped up safe and warm with Jon's family.

And - he'll probably kill me for this - but this is he - "posing" in his Christmas present...