Monday, 27 August 2007

Pictures of FOs!

So here we have some photos. The "model" has not done her hair, is wearing weekend attire, but is proud as proud can be of her efforts. Firstly, we have the Fir Cone Shawl, in Merino laceweight from It is in soft shades of brown and russet, and just suggested Autumn to me - hence why I used it for the Fir Cone. It has blocked to a beautiful soft shawl, which will be great for when the Autumn breezes start to bite (although to get Autumn, we're meant to have had a summer, and apart from one Wednesday afternoon in mid-May, we've not been getting that round here.

Next, we have Swan Lake, aka Mystery Stole 3. It is in Fiddlesticks Jaggerspun Zephyr laceweight in Ebony, (from the Knitting and Crochet Guild stall at Woolfest), beaded with black 8/0 beads from Pogles (also Woolfest) and I used Addi Turbo Lace circulars in 3.5mm. I love it. No other words for it. I keep unfolding it, and just looking and marvelling at it. I would like to thank Piglottie, who first mentioned the MS3 in her blog. She enabled me, and for that I am grateful. Artis-Anne, Artyfartykat, Arianwen, and Carrie Anne for their encouragement. Everyone who took part in the KAL for their advice, questions, encouragement, tenacity and humour. And finally, Melanie, who designed Swan Lake, and ran the KAL. Christine, who kept an escrow copy of the pattern, just in case anything were to happen to Melanie, and who co-moderated, and provided tech support (I twist my knit stitches too, Christine, and now, I too have stopped!), and Georgina Bow, mother of Melanie, another Keeper of the Pattern, and the designer for MS4 - starting sometime in Autumn 2008 - can't wait for that one now!
So - we have pictures - proof that I CAN finish something. I have learned so much on these projects - not least that I can do lace!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Happy Dance Sunday!

Today's been a Good Day. So far, I have blocked out my Swan Lake (Mystery Stole 3) and my Fir Cone Shawl. Jon has promised to take pictures tomorrow, so I will post then, hopefully. Both are absolutely beautiful - I was in love with Swan Lake as I knitted it, went a little doubtful on the wing, but have fallen madly back in love with it once blocked. The Fir Cone has been well worth it, as well. And whoever first mentioned the Strimmer cable as a blocking aid has my heartfelt thanks. It worked like a charm, and was well worth the muttered curses as I threaded it through the straight edges of Swan Lake, and the straight edge and points of the Fir Cone.
Then, after arriving home nearly 2 hours late, the Helena I had my eye on on the Posh Yarn shop was still there, so I snaffled that as well, as a reward for my blocking.
Finally, upon checking my email, I found my Ravelry Invite! So Panperoxide is now officially there, and will be adding her stash bit by bit. This is going to be a revelation to me - all those skeins of wool I have hidden in nice little hidey holes are going to be forced out into the light for all to see. Ulp.
I've also got up to 5 repeats of the basket weave done on my first Hanami. It's looking very pretty - but I need a little distraction after each repeat so I don't start to get bored... Once I get off the basket weave, it's a new chart every 32 rows, so there's no chance to get bored - not a criticism, just I am a very impatient person, and I'm likely to muck it all up by thinking - well - six isn't so much less than seven, if I'm not careful.
So - more photos tomorrow. Off to carry on happy dancing...

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Back from V and under the 500...

Finally, I can see a Ravelry invite with my name on it! Now I need to get organised - only 436 people ahead of me!
We arrived back from the V Festival yesterday, and I immediately printed out the final MS3 clue - beads galore! I've knitted a few rows last night after driving back 250 miles (not a bad drive, but every time I blinked last night I saw brake lights). There were some good acts on this year we got to see the Goo Goo Dolls (I've loved "Iris" forever, and now find I like their other songs), Stephen Fretwell, a little bit of Mika, Cherry Ghost, a bit of KT Tunstall, James, Kasabian and the Killers. Then on Sunday, the Proclaimers, The Thrills, Paolo Nutini, Sinead O'Connor, Snow Patrol and Primal Scream. I've already booked tickets for next year.
So knitting has taken a back seat this weekend - we stayed with Jon's family, who live about 20 minutes from the Weston Park site, which is great for us - hot showers and comfy beds - I'm too nesh for the full festival experience now! I did do half a repeat on Pomatomus, but that was my lot. Still. Long Bank Holiday Weekend and Business Trip to Aberdeen coming up!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


I am feeling a little frustrated at the moment. I have finished Clue 6 - the penultimate clue - of the Mystery Stole. It is unusual, it is beautiful, I am dying to see how it finishes. The final clue is to be published on Friday - when I shall be driving down to the West Midlands, 200 miles or so, and so won't be able to download the file until Tuesday when I return.
Oh well, never mind. Since I finished my Fir Cone Shawl (oh yes I did!), I've been knitting Hanami, also designed by the talented Melanie in Honeysuckle Cashmere by Colourmart, with Japanese silver lined clear beads. For a member of Jon's family - so that can't come with, as we are staying with the intended recipient. I think I need to think a little...
I'm now about 1300th in line for Ravelry - so maybe I shall be a little more organised once I am on there for everyone to see? But then again, maybe not!
Nuff for now. Photos soon...

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A quick giggle

Just a quick giggle from a fellow MS3-er...

And I'm now less than 2000th in the Ravelry queue - 1891 ahead of me in line!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Happy Dance!

I'm doing a happy dance today! Look what Anne at Knitspot has published today (please look, please do - NAYY) - her Honeybee Stole! Isn't it beautiful? I was tempted by the triangular shawl, but heard a rumour of rectangular loveliness, so waited patiently. Now what I need to do is find something to knit it in (hint hint Dee & Mr P - something in an amber-y honey coloured 2 ply Eva would be divine, if only I could get to it first!) Of course, this may test my new-found confidence in my ability to knit lace (I just typo-ed "knot" there twice - is my subconscious trying to tell me something?) - it seems most of my "To Do"s at the moment involve laciness - although a couple of them are for Christmas presents - so I think I may be excused...

I also treated myself to a couple of Posh Yarns last night, which has me happy dancing even more. Lucia in Garden Party (which may end up a Christmas present, once knitted, but then again, maybe not), and Emily in Beryl - what vivid greens! I nearly bought something with a similar green in it at Woolfest, but when I looked closely, it had lots of joins in it, which isn't really what I want in my socks. I know I can rest assured that my PY will be one long thread, which suits me much better.

And I'm nearly in the centre of the edging on my fircone shawl. Can't wait to finish and get it blocked out and worn! I must concentrate on that, and not on the future loveliness, or else my magpie brain will start thinking "must knit the pretty..." and I will neglect the poor shawl.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Clown Feet and Photos

Well - Jon's socks are finished. I used Regia DK I bought at Woolfest from Web of Wool, and their DK sock pattern, although I used the rib option, hence why the socks appear to be for someone with very skinny, long feet!
And I have some photos of my Field of Flowers Shawl - some from when it was blocking, a photo of the finished article, and some close ups of the stitch patterns. I used Posh Yarns Eva in Just Peachy, and it worked beautifully.
I'm loving how it looks and drapes, and am now so looking forward to using it for "Leda's Dream".
Talking of the wonderful Melanie, and her designs, I finally have my pictures of completed Clue 4. Lots of Cat's Paw, which I loved:
And, Ta-Da! I finished Clue 5 yesterday - the stole is now turning to make a "wing" shape, hence why it looks a bit bobbly. Some of the MS3-ers aren't keen, but I think I'm going to love it - and if not, well, someone's got their Christmas box sorted out already!
So - lots of knitting done, but still lots to do - my fir cone shawl needs finishing, then there's the Icelandic Shawl, then, Leda's Dream, then Hanami, and someday my prince will come with my Ravelry Invite (only 2246 ahead of me now - woo hoo!), and then that's my evenings gone for a few weeks, while I play! But loving it...
Claire x