Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Pine and Ivy Shawl

I love Anne Hanson's patterns and have been hankering after doing a Pine and Ivy Shawl for some time. It's knitted lace, with patterning on both sides, and only a very few "rest rows" (purl all the way) in the entire piece.
When OH was dyeing some "Silky Lace" merino/tencel laceweight, there was one skein that he was not 100% happy with in terms of the colour distribution, which he didn't want to list in the shop. Before you could say "overdye", I'd whipped it and cast on!
A couple of weeks later, these are the results - the whole thing took a little under the 800m stated, and while it was knitted lace, the pattern (as usual) was so well written, that it flew along.I've also been on holiday, and to Woolfest... I will catch those up later in the week!